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October 29, 2012

Just finished working on dancer Caroline’s photos…. I can’t wait to hear her feedback!!

Here’s a sneakpeak:

Watch the trailer of Cherie Cherokee’s new track “Feel Me Cry”

You can also watch the “behind-the-scenes”- photography by me from the videoshoot, watch them HERE!

Photoshoot – trailer

October 23, 2012

Need a photographer…?

October 5, 2012

Are you maybe in need for a photographer?

Maybe you own a small business and you would like to promote that? Contact me by email:

Have a great weekend!

Canon, can I?

September 24, 2012

I finished last week’s hectic days with a Canon course with a great teacher, Emelie Ohlsson, she was so good and inspiring, I really had a great time learning on the course! Emelie started a photomagazine last year, called Shoot Magazine, where she reached out mostly to female photographers.

The thing that I was must amazed by was the fact that she, as Im, doesn’t use extra light and flash… So see, it’s possible to do photography like that and I’m happy to know that fact …


Snapshot: Agnes Carlsson

September 24, 2012

A few weeks back I did some snapshots of Swedish singer Agnes Carlsson. I only published one of them on Facebook and got great response. The photo is taken while Agnes and her dancers were rehearsing for Swedish tv 4′s “Sommarkrysset”.

What do you think about the photo? I love the energy and laughter on the photo…

© Photo: Sini Siambalis


September 24, 2012

During the summer I visit Stockholm’s amusement park for the whole day, just walked around, watching people and taking photos, it was a great sunny and warm day… Here’s one of the photos from that day:

© Bluestreet Productions. Photo: Sini Siambalis

Time for some serious update!

September 24, 2012

It’s been awhile since I told you all what I’ve been up to! So no I’m gonna sit comfortable and do some serious updates…

More post and pics later on today!

Snapshots: Agnes Carlsson

August 16, 2012

Tomorrow I will be taking some snapshots on Swedish singer Agnes Carlsson as she and her choreographer Sara Galán are rehearsing for the tv-appearance at SOMMARKRYSSET on the 1st of September …. Photos coming up asap!

Street Art

July 3, 2012

Today I did my first “street photography”-shoot… never done that before, I just took my camera and walk around the streets of the city… This was a new experience for me and I’ll definitely will do more of this kind of photography…

Here the first photography of my Street Art-collection